All Weather Movable ESS with Floodlight QPOWER

‘QPOWER’ can use safety and security in outdoor, even at a construction site,an event, a disaster.
It’s the only ESS that have a Solar Charge and Floodlight Function.


Omnidirectional LED Floodlight with Battery QLIGHT

‘QLIGHT’ have safety and security, even at a construction site, an event, a disaster.
All weather type and omnidirectional LED floodlight, only one in the world.


Movable Li-Ion Energy Storage System CUBOX

Time of disaster , “Securing power supply” is the most important task.
‘CUBOX’ have the top leading of the disaster market in Japan.

LC series

Constant Current Power Supply LED Driver - LC series

It’s a very simple feature.
The reason is that we has reached since it is developing custom power supplies for medical equipment.
Besides this, we also develop various features such as extremely thin power supply and cold areas.

LED Tube Lamps

All Made in Japan LED Tube Lamps

LED chips adopt Nichia chemical products of made in Japan. So It’s high quality and long life, because the power supply adopts LC-1000.
In addition, since it separates the power supply from the lighting fixture, even if a failure in any case, the problem solving will be quicker and the maintenance cost will be reduced.

DA series

DC/AC Inverter - DA Series

It provides stable AC power (sine wave) and convenient to store with 1U rack mount type.
DC/AC Inverter – DA-1000B
We can also provide custom inverters.


DC/DC Converter for Fuel Cell

Ultrahigh efficiency 97% realized fuel cell DC/DC converter – FCX
FCX is an input zero ripple current up converter which is optimum for power generation characteristics of fuel cell and this system completely suppresses current ripple.

Disaster Digital Amplifier

Disaster Digital Amplifier

It is a digital amplifier that can be smaller, lighter and lower in cost (1/3) than conventional products.
Furthermore, 140W continuous output possible and able to be driven with either AC100V input or DC12V.