Basic Principles of our ISO14001

NAYUTA is working on the theme of “symbiosis with nature” in order to retain limited resources and a green earth through designing, manufacturing and sales of special power supply devices centering on analog technology. Green eco for us It is to achieve efficient conversion of electrical energy.

Basic policy of our ISO14001

  • NAYUTA strives to protect the environment through product design and manufacturing, and provides energy-saving products.
  • We will build an environmental management system based on the ISO14001 standard and work on continuous improvement to prevent pollution and reduce environmental impact.
  • We will endeavor to properly manage and reduce the environmentally hazardous substances contained in our products.
  • We will comply with environment-related laws and regulations and comply with other requirements we agree with.
  • We promote downsizing and simplification of products in order to value resources.

Since January 1, 2009

Environmental Goals

Continuation of environmental activities

Maintaining management of substances of concern

  1. Promotion of green procurement activities (including requests for cooperating factories)
  2. Maintaining no use of substances of concern

Environmental product development

  1. Proactive and good efficiency development of high efficiency and energy saving products

Active sales of OBM products

  1. Proactively sell in-house products to support energy conservation