Our power supply has been used by everyone in many fields including medical equipment and communication equipment.

Our products are broadly divided into two categories, in-house products and ODM products. Regarding ODM products, we have designed specifically for our customers’ requirements and provide products that meet various safety standards.

Currently, general-purpose power supplies in the world are cheap and good products are sold both in Japan and overseas. It is possible to drive the equipment easily by adopting it.

So why can our customers choose our products?

We believe that communication with our customers is of the utmost importance in constructing the dedicated power supply that our customers need. How can we make effective proposals from the development and design stage? We believe this is also an important quality.

This is an example of the emphasis on safety, but it is generally recognized that power supplies designed for built-in equipment do not correspond to PSE DC power supplies. However, our power supply for LED lighting has acquired the conformity inspection certificate of the Electrical Appliance and Material Safety Law and is working to ensure safety. In addition, regarding product manufacturing, we take into consideration the satisfaction of our customers’ quality requirements, and take appropriate measures by incorporating techniques.

We will continue to develop and supply high quality products to meet the needs of our customers. And I hope to work hard every day and continue to evolve, and walk with customers.