Power Supply for Medical Equipment

High Efficiency

We realized high efficiency in the power source for endoscope camera.
As a result, the endoscope camera was miniaturized. And it was able to contribute to the early detection of illness. not only that, it expanded.
We made it possible not only to diagnose with the endoscope, but also to treat it, and it contributed greatly to its effectiveness.

Downsizing and Lightening

Not only medical equipment, power supply device is the most largest electronic components.The power supply device greatly affect the size of the product how to make it downsizing and lightening.
20 years ago,we developed low noise power supply device for the ultrasound diagnostic apparatus that does not affect color monitor to inherent noise.As a result, the size of the ultrasonic diagnostic apparatus has reduced to 1/4 as compared with the conventional one.

Development Example

We developed many power supply device that can conform to IEC 60601-1 Ed.3, which is an electrical safety standard for medical equipment.

Power Supply Device for …
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