Case Development Housing Facility Field

Controller for Bubble Bath

15 years ago, The weight of the bubble bath controller was 15 kg.
It was installed on the ceiling of the unit bath despite big problem at overweight.
We got high evaluation by reduced it to 1/5 3 kg.
This solved the overweight problem and at the same time reduced construction costs and improved efficiency.
Because the work that had been lifted by two people in the installation work was able to work by one person.

DC / DC Converter for Fuel Cell

Usually electricity that produced from hydrogen (gas, kerosene, alcohol, biomass, etc.) and the oxygen of air is
a voltage of 20V to 30V.
We have developed a device that increases it to 400 V which is a commonly usable voltage.
It boasts the world’s highest standard for rated input / output conversion efficiency 97%.
We will contribute to society by the latest evolved cogeneration technology.