Case Development (etc)

Power Supply for Spindle Motor

Spindle motors are indispensable not only for the automobile industry but also for various metal working.
Our motor control technology pursues smaller, lighter, higher torque, higher speed rotation.

Maximum Output:360W/60,000rpm
Maximum Torque:0.06Nm/ ~ 6,000rpm
Maximum Output:1,200W/40,000rpm
Maximum Torque:0.3Nm/ ~ 4,000rpm

Power Supply of Floodlight

The floodlight used in the disaster area had a problem that the longer it gets, the lower the voltage at the tip becomes, and it becomes darker.
The problem was solved by development of constant current type power supply.
Even now it is active in disaster electric field.
This constant current power supply technology has become a catalyst to lead to the power supply device for LED lighting.